MapR receives another $56 Mio. in venture capital

With Cloudera and Hortonworks, two Hadoop distributors have already gone public. MapR seems to try and follow their competitors with this move. But prior to this, the next funding round took place in early September, bringing in another $56 Mio. in venture capital. By this, there has been a number of big investments in August and September, such as Databricks and ThoughtSpot. And now MapR was able to enqueue into the list of companies that have been able to collect over $250 Mio. from investors.

MapR’s strategy thereby differs essentially from those of Hortonworks and Cloudera: Whereas the two competitors are offering almost exclusively services for the Hadoop technology, MapR has developed its own software utilizing the Hadoop infrastructure. Particularly notable in this context is the Converged Data Platform (CDP) that is merging data from Hadoop, Spark, Apache Drill, NoSQL and other sources into one cluster. By this, GDP enables the user to deploy global real-time applications with high scalability and flexibility.

In these points, MapR is one step points ahead of its contestants – which is also shown by its business figures: The company’s CEO, Matt Mills, has stated that 40% of their business comes from clients that were previously using another service that was not able to handle the amount of data with the desired reliability. Some experts like Tiernan Ray from Reuters also expect that even the total costs of ownership are no argument against MapR. Although true open source solutions were cheaper at the first glance, customers needed to invest high amounts into data integration. In the long run, the TCO of Big Data projects with integrated solutions therefore might be lower. At the end of the day, the costs were only the second most important criteria for these projects anyway, says Bloor Group analyst Robin Bloor. He who wrote the check wanted the product to get the job done.

Investors seem to believe in MapR. The company had been valued at about $500 Mio. prior to the recent funding round that boosts accumulated investments in MapR up to $280 Mio. The management hopes to get the firm profitable in 2018.