M&A and Investment Wrap-Up Q1/2018

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M&A and Investment Wrap-Up Q1/2018

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the year 2018 has already picked up in terms of corporate acquisitions and investments:

Mergers & Acquisitions

In the first quarter, with twelve major corporate acquisitions, we are seeing a decline in the number of transactions compared to the previous year with 18 acquisitions. For the German data and analytics market, however, there are notable developments: the start-upKIANA Systems is taken over by KPMG and supports the expertise of the auditing and consulting company in the areas of Data Mining, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. Deloitte is also expanding its own competencies through the acquisition ofReportSource in BI and CPM subjects.

Acquisitions of corporations with a software or service offering in Advanced & Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning & AI and Data Science remain clearly attractive. With TheySaySqrrlAngoss, KIANA Systems, Kensho and Hedgehog Analytics half of the transactions are allocated to these segments.


The investment market shows some interesting developments in comparison to previous years:

The total volume of investments in data and analytics companies can be maintained. While approximately $ 627 million was invested in the first quarter of 2016 and approximately $ 654 million in the first quarter of 2017, the first three months of 2018 show an investment volume of $ 636 million. Due to the delay in market access of investment information, positive corrections can be expected in the future.

In contrast to previous years, however, the total investment is essentially driven by a few transactions with a high investment amount: C3 IoT and Snowflake Computing together receive $ 363 million in venture capital, more than half of the total investment amount over the observation period.

By these transactions, we also observe a shift in the investment amounts between the data and analytics segments. A sharp decline year-on-year can be seen in BI and Data Integration. The field of Advanced & Predictive Analytics is also faltering, with a clear demarcation from Big Data Analytics technologies – which achieve approximately the same investments as in the previous year – becomes increasingly difficult. In contrast, the provision of capital for Snowflake Computing means that the investment amounts in the field of Data Management are more than six times higher than in the previous two years.

Current M&A- und Investment opportunities

Also with this newsletter, we would like to introduce you to concrete M&A and investment opportunities in Data and Analytics, which are listed on the Data Invest platform. You can find all the profiles on the marketplace.

Swiss provider of a Data Quality Assurance software searches for strategic investor. The investor should not only partake in the collaboration by an investment  but also by entrepreneurial engagement. This includes the support in establishing a German partner network of the advertiser, among other things.

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German BI or Analytics companies are being sought for a joint strategic orientation as well as cooperation in concrete projects. The subject of the cooperation with the Austrian Data Science Consultancy shall be in the topics AI and Advanced Analytics.

To the profile.

The German Big Data & Analytics department of a global IT-Full-Service Provider is seeking to acquire a Big Data or Data Science consultancy. The aim of the transaction is to expand the capacity for Big Data client projects through external manpower. Due to this, the takeover of the personnel of the potential acquisition target is crucial to the transaction.

To the profile.

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