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We gathered information on M&A activities of Data and Analytics companies over the past few years. Check out our database.

Data Invest creates visibility for supply and demand of company mergers and acquisitions. See what the marketplace offers.

Recent mergers and Acquisitions

We gathered information on M&A activities of Data and Analytics companies over the past few years. Check out our database.

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Jun 18 iSPartners BI Allied Electronics Corp. (Altron) IT Generalist 17 Mio. USD
Jun 18 Trendminer Discovery, diagnostic and predictive analytics for process industry Software AG IT Generalist n.a.
Jun 18 Reflect Data Visualization Puppet IT automation software n.a.
Jun 18 Adaptive Insights CPM Workday ERP, HR 1,550 Mio. USD
Jun 18 Empirical Systems AA Tableau BDA n.a.
Jun 18 Scribesoft.com Data Integration, Software as a Service TIBCO Integration, API-Management, Analytics, BI n.a.
Jun 18 Progressly Cloud operational performance management Box Cloud content management n.a.
Jun 18 Caradigm Healthcare Analytics Inspirata Cancer diagnostic solutions n.a.
May 2018 Jetlore AI powered Predctive Analytics platform for CRM PayPal Online payment solution n.a.
May 2018 Visionware Master Data Management solutions Civica Business process services n.a.
May 2018 Cask Integration platform for Hadoop and Apache Spark Google Internet services n.a.
May 2018 Evolusys SA Microsoft Analytics and Cloud Solutions consulting Bechtle Strategic IT consulting n.a.
May 2018 Haystax Technology AA and cybersecurity for critical systems and organizations Fishtech Labs Security solutions n.a.
May 2018 MaassMedia Analytics services and training Hero Digital Customer experience consulting n.a.
May 2018 SCIO Health Analytics Healthcare Analytics ExlService Holdings Transformation and outsourcing services 240 Mio. USD
May 2018 LogRhythm Log Management Thoma Bravo Private Equity n.a.
May 2018 CRMfusion Data Quality Management Validity Data Quality Management n.a.
May 2018 PatentSight BI for patent professionals Reed Tech Services for patent submission n.a.
May 2018 SpaceTime Insight AA Nokia Technology n.a.
May 2018 Datascience.com Data Science, Advanced Analytics Oracle Advanced Analytics n.a.
Apr 18 Findwise AB BDA, AA EVRY IT solutions n.a.
Apr 18 SparklineData BI on Apache Spark Oracle BI, Data Management n.a.
Apr 18 Pragmatic Works Software BI, Data Management SentryOne BI, Data Management n.a.
Apr 18 Southport Services Group MicroStrategy consulting Perficient IT consulting n.a.
Mar 2018 MammothDB Analytical Database MariaDB OS database n.a.
Mar 2018 Lavastorm Data Management and Analytics software provider Infologix Data Management software n.a.
Mar 2018 Hedgehog Analytics Data Science services Glantus P2P-Automation, Analytics, BI n.a.
Mar 2018 Kensho Natural language analytics platform S&P Global Financial information and data analytics services 550 Mio. USD
Feb 18 KIANA Systems Advanced Analytics KPMG Lighthouse Advanced Analytics, Big Data Analytics n.a.
Feb 18 Utopus Insight Analytics platform for energy sector Vestas Wind energy company 100 Mio. USD
Jan 18 Angoss Predictive Analytics Datawatch Corp. Self-service data preparation 24.5 Mio. USD
Jan 18 Sqrrl Big Data Analytics for security analysis AWS Data Management infrastructure n.a.
Jan 18 Notion BI Jama Software System development platform n.a.
Jan 18 ReportSource BI, CPM Deloitte Audit and consulting services n.a.
Jan 18 Addedo CPM Talentia Software HR, CPM n.a.
Jan 18 TheySay Text Mining Aptean ERP n.a.


Dec 2017 Corporate Planning CPM HANNOVER Finanz Private Equity n.a.
Dec 2017 Keen IO Data Integration Scaleworks B2B SaaS Venture Equity fund n.a.
Dec 2017 Novem business applications Big Data, BI Service provider Valantic Big Data, IoT n.a.
Nov 17 Viewics Advanced Analytics platform for healthcare organizations Roche Healthcare n.a.
Nov 17 Alpine Data Project management and collaboration platform for Data Science projects TIBCO Integration, API-Management, Analytics, BI n.a.
Nov 17 Halo BI Self-service data integration, visualization and supply chain analytics Logility Supply chain planning n.a.
Oct 2017 Perspica AI for TechOps and DevOps CISCO BI, Advanced Analytics n.a.
Oct 2017 LogiAnalytics Embedded BI-specialist Marlin Equity Partners Private Equity n.a.
Oct 2017 Perspica Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence CISCO BI, Advanced Analytics n.a.
Oct 2017 Cisco Data Virtualization Data Virtualization TIBCO Integration, API-Management, Analytics, BI n.a.
Oct 2017 eBureau Big Data and Predictive Analytics TransUnion Credit protection n.a.
Sep 17 BiBOARD BI Econom ERP n.a.
Sep 17 Integrated Data Storage Data Integration and Data Management consulting services ePlus Inc. Technology solutions distributor n.a.
Sep 17 Componeering Simulation Altair Analytics n.a.
Sep 17 NeuString Predictive Analytics for Mobile Telecommunications Yaana Technologies Data and Analytcs services n.a.
Sep 17 eVestment Database and Analytics software for institutional investors NASDAQ Financial Services 705 Mio. USD
Aug 17 Cloudamize Cloud Performance Management Cloudreach Cloud n.a.
Aug 17 Search Technologies Search and Big Data Applications Accenture Analytics Analytics n.a.
Aug 17 Metron Capacity Management Syncsort Hadoop n.a.
Aug 17 Basho Technologies NoSQL Bet365 Online Gambling n.a.
Aug 17 Algo Analytics Meltwater Social Media Analytics n.a.
Aug 17 ClearGraph NLP Tableau BI n.a.
Aug 17 Cosmify Analytics Meltwater Social Media Analytics n.a.
Jul 17 Deep Blue Analytics Predictive Analytics Platform Scintel Datenintegration, BI n.a.
Jul 17 StackIQ Bare metal provisioning Teradata DM, Advanced Analytics n.a.
Jul 17 Nanoscale.io Microservices TIBCO DM, BI n.a.
Jul 17 Graphiq BI Amazon Retail & IT Infrastructure n.a.
Jul 17 Syncsort Data Integration Centerbridge Partners Private Equity n.a.
Jul 17 Aquila Insight Advanced Analytics Merkle CRM and Marketing service provider n.a.
Jun 17 FirstRain BI Ignite Tecnologies Security software n.a.
Jun 17 Carriots S.L IoT Altair IoT, Analytics n.a.
Jun 17 WhiteCloud Analytics Analytics for Healthcare Relias Learning Online training in healthcare n.a.
Jun 17 Inergy Analytics Service Provider Main Capital Partners Private Equity n.a.
Jun 17 Elite Analytics Advanced Analytics Service Provider Aviana Global Technologies Advanced Analytics Service Provider n.a.
Jun 17 Tidemark Cloud CPM Longview CPM n.a.
Jun 17 Yhat Advanced Analytics model deployment Alteryx Advanced Analytics n.a.
May 2017 Business & Decision BI, CPM, ERP, CRM Service Provider Orange Mobile and internet services n.a.
May 2017 Statistica Data Science TIBCO DM, BI n.a.
May 2017 Nutonian Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics DataRobot Automated machine learning platform n.a.
May 2017 SCALES BI NNIT IT Consulting n.a.
May 2017 AltX Analytics for hedge funds Addepar Investment Management n.a.
May 2017 Lattice Big Data Analytics, Advanced Analytics Apple Consumer Electronics 200 Mio. USD
May 2017 Rokitt Big Data, Data Visualization Io-Tahoe Digital Transformation, Data Science n.a.
Apr 17 Guavus Real-time Big Data Analytics Thales Group Technology n.a.
Apr 17 RiskMatch Analytics and BI for Insurance Companies Vertafor IT & Management Consulting for Insurance Companies n.a.
Apr 17 Skytree Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics Infosys Technology & Consulting Services n.a.
Apr 17 ReeWise Analytics Exadel Custom Development n.a.
Apr 17 BIRST Cloud BI Infor  ERP n.a.
Apr 17 Systemware Innovation Analytics, Big Data Alithya IT & Management Consulting n.a.
Mar 2017 DataRPM Predictive maintenance, Machine learning Progress Application development and deployment technologies 30 Mio. USD
Mar 2017 Core Informatics Data Management Platform for Science Thermo Fisher Scientific Science Services n.a.
Mar 2017 Ontology Systems Semantic Search for enterprise data EXFO Network tests, Data & Analytics 7.6 Mio. USD
Mar 2017 ObjectVideo Video Analytics for BI Alarm.com Connected Home and Business n.a.
Mar 2017 Kaggle Predictive modeling and analytics competition platform Google Internet Services n.a.
Mar 2017 UpPoints Artificial Intelligence for Smart Industry and Retail Embraco Compressors for home appliances n.a.
Mar 2017 BI-SAM Technologies Analytics & Data Management for Investments Management Industry FactSet Analytics 205.2 Mio. USD
Mar 2017 Tagetik Performance Management Wolters Kluwer Publishing 300 Mio. Euro
Mar 2017 Salford Systems Machine Learning, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics Minitab Quality improvement, data analytics n.a.
Feb 17 Diaku Data Governance Informatica Data Management n.a.
Feb 17 Hubdata BI, Analytics viihealth Life Sciences Corporate Performance Consulting n.a.
Feb 17 zData Big Data Consulting Atos IT Service Provider n.a.
Feb 17 Syncplicity Cloud storage & synchronization Axway Data integration platform in the cloud n.a.
Feb 17 Skry Analytics Bloq Blockchain technology n.a.
Feb 17 Targit BI, Analytics GRO Capital Private Equity n.a.
Jan 17 Valen Analytics Advanced Analytics Insurity Insurance data analytics n.a.
Jan 17 Sintel Group Military BI and Analytics VOR Technology Hybridized technical, tactical, and futuristic solutions n.a.
Jan 17 Idevio Geo Analytics Qlik BI n.a.


Dec 2016 Cox Consulting BI Consulting Visma Business Software for Accounting n.a.
Dec 2016 Enlightiks Advanced Analytics Practo Healthcare IT n.a.
Dec 2016 Datamyne Trade data research and analytics Descartes On-demand and SaaS solutions focused on improving productivity n.a.
Dec 2016 IKO SYSTEM Predictive Analytics in sales automation Sidetrade Predictive sales-to-cash solutions n.a.
Dec 2016 Driven Big Data, Performance Management Xplenty Cloud data platform n.a.
Dec 2016 Pipemonk Data Integration Freshdesk Multichannel support device connectivity n.a.
Dec 2016 YODIL BI, Reporting, Big Data Analytics for insurance industry Duck Creek Technologies Software Developer for insurance industry n.a.
Dec 2016 Annik Data Management, Advanced Analytics LiquidHub Integrator, especially Digital Transformation n.a.
Dec 2016 Zementis Machine Learning, Deep Learning Software AG IT Generalist n.a.
Oct 2016 Nuevora Advanced Analytics Sutherland Global Services IT outsourcing solutions n.a.
Oct 2016 AugmentIQ Data Science Advanced Analytics, Big Data L&T Infotech IT Consulting n.a.
Sep 16 ASG Group IT Service Provider, BI, Adv.Analytics in Australia Namura Research Institute IT Consulting 349 Mio. USD
Sep 16 Concord Systems Stream processing framework Akami Cloud-services n.a.
Sep 16 MagnaView BI ProcessGold Process Mining Consultancy n.a.
Sep 16 PLAT.ONE Enterprise-wide IoT Application SAP Business Applications n.a.
Sep 16 Tuplejump Advanced Analytics Apple Consumer Electronics n.a.
Sep 16 Predixion Software Advanced Analytics Greenwave Systems IoT n.a.
Aug 16 Datawerks Data Virtualization Finatem Private Equity n.a.
Aug 16 Altiscale Hadoop PaaS & Big Data Analytics SAP BI, Data 125 Mio. USD
Aug 16 Turi Advanced Analytics Apple Consumer Electronics ~200 Mio. USD
Aug 16 BeyondCore Advanced Analytics Salesforce CRM 110 Mio. USD
Jul 16 Big Data Partnership Advanced Analytics Teradata DM, Advanced Analytics 6.81 Mio. USD
Jul 16 Platfora BI Workday HR n.a.
Jul 16 Prevero CPM Unit4 ERP n.a.
Jun 16 Dell Software ITM, Advanced Analytics, Data Management Francisco, Elliot Private Equity 2 Bill. USD
Jun 16 Qlik BI Thoma Bravo Private Equity 3 Bill. USD
Jun 16 Tidemark CPM Marlin Private Equity n.a.
Jun 16 Badgeville Big Data Analytics CallidusCloud BI 7.5 Mio. USD
May 2016 Industrial CodeBox Connectors Qlik BI n.a.
Mar 2016 Sense Advanced Analytics Cloudera Hadoop n.a.
Feb 16 Ravello Systems Cloud, Virtualization Oracle Cloud, Virtualization ~500 Mio. USD
Feb 16 PredictionIO Advanced Analytics Salesforce CRM n.a.
Feb 16 Cubeware BI Primrose Investment Private Equity n.a.
Feb 16 Roambi Mobile BI SAP BI n.a.
Jan 16 DataHero Advanced Analytics Cloudability Cloud, Virtualization n.a.
Jan 16 CD-adapco CAEngineering, Simulation Siemens Product Lifecycle Mgt. 925 Mio. USD
Jan 16 IRIS Analytics Security Intelligence IBM n.a.

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