Data Invest – at its core that is a marketplace for companies in the BI, Analytics and Big Data sector who are interested in M&A, Investment or Partnership – or may be in the future. Our vision is a frictionless and transparent market for those transactions where you can find your project complement with the perfect fit. The portal brings buyers and sellers of data & analytics companies together. It connects providers and receivers of investment capital. And it helps software vendors and service providers to establish meaningful partnerships.

But we do more. If you want to speed up the process of finding that target, we can provide you with that service in the form an active research. Besides business and partner brokerage, we can also serve software users as an IT project broker: Along with our partner BARC and our service provider database, we make sure to get your IT project going.

Data Invest will also reveal the latest activities on the M&A and Investment market. We are passionate about those transactions and the opportunities they implicate. The next big deal? That could be you.

Being part of the Data Invest community is completely free and anonymous. We are going to contact you when we believe to having found your perfect match. You only pay us when the quest is successful. By that, you can pursue an opportunistic search strategy.


Data Invest is covering the latest developments and activities on the data and analytics market.

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We ourselves keep track of M&A and Investment transactions.
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