Oaklins Angermann M&A Market Report 2016

The German M&A market was able to maintain its positive development of the past years also throughout 2016. Oaklins Angermann AG has published its M&A Report for the year 2016. The report verifies that the positive trend in the market, that started in 2014, continues. Especially the number of transactions rose noticeably from 1500 to more than 2000.

The IT industry is the second strongest branch with an M&A market share of around 12%. In digits that translates to a number of 252 transactions with an accumulated volume of over 25 Billion Euro. The optimistic situation in the market is still a result of the ECB’s low-interest rate policy and the relatively good liquidity and financial position of the companies. The analysts of Angermann believe that the market will resume its high transaction numbers and volumes in 2017 even though the ECB announced a slight raise of the interest rate. Thus, potential buyers and sellers can remain enthusiastic.

Sources: Angermann M&A Monitor 2014-2016, Oaklins Angermann Deal Report 2016