Databricks receives $140 Mio. in venture capital

Just a few days after we wrote a post about ThoughtSpot hitting the venture capital jackpot with an $60 Mio. investment, Databricks has received an even bigger investment of $140 Mio. The lead Investor, Andreessen Horowitz, also led the first VC round in 2013. Databricks has now collected nearly $250 Mio. over the past four years. With this, the company pertains to the five biggest capital raisers in the Data and Analytics industry from 2012 to this day.

Some people simply seem to do everything right. Ali Ghodsi, for example, is the co-founder and CEO of Databricks, one of the most funded IT companies worldwide. But Ghodsi is not only an entrepreneur, he is also a computer scientist and adjunct professor at the UC Berkely. Under his academic leadership, research teams came up with Apache Mesos, Apache Spark, and Apache Hadoop. With Databricks, the entrepreneur has founded a company that commercializes Spark.

The application that goes by the same name is a unified Analytics platform. Unified, that means unified experience across teams, unified analytics workflows and unified infrastructure: The platform establishes a collaborative workspace for data science teams to work with data engineering and lines of business. In doing so, it runs on the Apache Spark ecosystem and uses a fully managed and scalable cloud infrastructure, reducing operational complexity and total cost of ownership. Thus, Databricks represents one single environment from data preparation to exploration and model building to production.

Databricks is currently valued at $740 Mio. with an estimated revenue of $4.5 Mio.