Data Invest with presentation at BARC Congress 2017

From 14.-15.11. this year’s BARC Congress took place at the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg with end users, software vendors and service providers in the fields of BI, Data Management and Analytics. The focus of the conference were, among other things, the trend topics Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Data Invest partook in the form of a joint talk with Dr. Carsten Bange, Founder and CEO of BARC, with the title “BI market in motion: takeovers and investments show the hotspots”. The presentation was addressed to software and service providers in the Data and Analytics market, which in 2017 again has shown an lively activity in terms of acquisitions and investments.

Dr. Bange spoke about current corporate acquisitions and investments. In the area of investments, the analyses showed that the volume of the investment market recovered from the weak phase in 2016. The focus of global investment activity was primarily on the trend themes of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, but Data Integration and Data Management also saw strong growth against the background of Data Preparation requirements. In the area of corporate acquisitions, there was a general increase in the number of transactions. Noticeable developments also appeared on the side of the buyer groups: Large IT consulting firms, industry specialists, as well as industrial companies and large technology companies are increasingly buying into software providers. As a result, they compete for the target companies with other software vendors and specialized consulting firms, which are the classic buyer groups. On the target companies side, the Advanced Analytics and AI trends also showed in the form that these companies were increasingly being taken over.

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to give a brief overview of the partnership market based on our experience in the field of partner search. This market is currently characterized by an interest in partnerships from both software and service providers. While software vendors usually look for resellers and implementers of their products to increase their sales reach, the active search by service providers shows a desire to differentiate themselves through innovative software partnerships. Finally, in the context of the entire talk, we were able to introduce the Data Invest Marketplace and its new approach to matchmaking.

We want to take this opportunity to again thank Dr. Bange and BARC for having us as an active part in the Congress. We have had many interesting discussions with other participants and are looking forward to the next event.