Provider of IoT solution searches for strategic or implementation partner

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The firm searches for a partner to achieve a higher market presence and develop new sales channels for the in-house IoT solution. The possible partner should be a consulting firm with expertise in development, conceptual design, implementation or integration of software systems. Especially desirable are existing competencies in the field of the Internet of Things, Digitalization and Industry 4.0.

The size of the partner firm has got a minor role, whereas the area of operations should lie in the DACH-region.


The mid-sized firm was able to gain a market leading role in IoT operations over the past years. It has built a low code IoT platform that allows for easy application development but also provides a wide variety of pre-programmed solutions. The platform also includes data integration functionalities. 

Due to recent developments in the digitalization branch, the company possesses an exceptional expertise in manufacturing alike industries, but also in the energy and life-sciences sectors. Moreover, the developed IoT platform is adaptive to other use-cases due to its flexibility.

Besides their competencies in the development of software solutions, the staff also holds broad skills in software conceptual design and implementation.



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