German consultancy for Analytics with Tableau technology searches for joint venture partner

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The owners of the consultancy are looking for an equal partner for a joint venture in order to expand their own consulting portfolio. In particular, an expansion of the existing portfolio at the level of the data and analytics segments should take place. Thus, interesting topics are in the fields of industrial IoT and big data, advanced analytics, but also data management. Possible forms of transaction are the founding of a joint venture with equal participation or the minority participation in the existing company. The aim of such a joint venture is to build business models based on data.


The consulting firm specializes in the analysis and visualization of data and has been active in the past in the field of web data analysis. In addition to implementing analytics solutions based on the Tableau technology, the team also conducts projects to generate use-case models and analysis models for the customer and provide software training. The service portfolio also includes the construction of lean data warehouses in the cloud. In the future, moreover, the development of competencies in the field of machine learning is planned. The small team of the consulting firm consists of Data Consultant, Data Engineers and experienced founders.



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