Provider of Data Quality solution searches for German service partners in the fields of DWH and Data Integration

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The Swiss software provider is looking for German service partners for its self-developed data quality management solution. With the software, the company is primarily aimed at medium-sized to large customers who have requirements for data quality assurance in the design or operation of Data Warehouses and ERP systems. The software vendor has already been able to win some well-known mid-size and large customers in Switzerland with the product and wants to expand the business in the German market through close partnerships. A potential partner should provide services in the area of Data Warehouses and Data Integration or analysis, and in the best case should have concrete customer demands for Data Quality solutions.


With its Data Quality software, the small Swiss company has developed a solution that helps companies monitoring and validating their ETL, Data Integration and analysis processes. Independent from the underlying ETL and DWH technologies, tests are created with the help of prepackaged and user-defined analysis algorithms, which can automatically detect Data Quality errors.



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