Small Analytics Software Vendor searches for buyer of company shares

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The owners of the company want to boost the market presence of the in-house Analytics solution and therefore consider accelerating firm growth through external capital providers. Besides financing by an investor, the possibility of selling their company’s shares is existent to the owners, as long as the continuation of the product and their remaining in the company are garanteed.


The small software vendor through the in-house Analytics product has developed an Analytics solution that is particularly characterized by its fast deployment. The modular platform operates on an agile, scalable in-memory data repository upon which common Analytics methods as well as several methods from the fields of Advanced & Predictive Analytics are plated. The software carries functionalities to integrate Log and Sensor Data which facilitates use cases in IoT and Industry 4.0 through applications developed on the platform. Among other reasons, the firm has focussed on the work with clients from the engineering industry due to this.



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