Global IT-Service Provider searches for Big Data/Data Science consultancy acquisition target

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The German Big Data & Analytics department of a global IT-Full-Service Provider is seeking to acquire a Big Data or Data Science consultancy. The aim of the transaction is to expand the capacity for Big Data client projects through external manpower. Due to this, the takeover of the personnel of the potential acquisition target is crucial to the transaction. The company should feature a focus on Data Science solutions or backend systems and infrastructure; competencies in the Hadoop or Spark technologies or programming languages like R and Python are desirable. In addition, it is very important that the consultants have experience in the active project business with the customer. Consultancies with a size of 10-15 employees are preferred, a company size of 20 employees may not be exceeded.


As part of a global enterprise in IT services, the German company has specialized in the topics BI, Big Data, Analytics and Data Management. Besides classic strategy consulting, especially design and implementation of solutions in those subjects are at the forefront of services. The consultancy has several offices in Germany, most of them being in the southern German area. The references of the company include notable automotive groups and insurance enterprises. With its clients, the company currently carries out innovative projects in Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.



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