BOARD and KPMG enter strategic partnership


Provider of decision-making software BOARD and audit and consulting firm KPMG have agreed in entering a strategic partnership. The goal of the cooperation is to help clients improve their decision-making process. BOARD will sustain this with its all-in-one platform for Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Analytics. KPMG, on the other hand, will bring in their profound knowledge of business processes and best practices.

The two companies have a shared past of client projects. With their new partnership, that bond is now strengthened. KPMG Partner Consulting Business Intelligence & Steering, Dr. Justus Marquardt, declared, they were looking forward to the upcoming joint projects. KPMG were expecting to combine their market and client knowledge with the BOARD software to sustainably improve the decision-making process of their clients. This would then lead to the harmonization of those companies’ strategy and operative business, and economic growth.

The managers at BOARD were also proud of their new partner. Jessica Venturi, General Manager Central Europe, was pleased with how their customers will profit from KPMG’s experience in Professional Services. The cooperation is a big step in BOARD’s endeavor to provide more companies with their integrated BI and CPM platform.

As a first cooperative activity, BOARD and KPMG will conjointly organize events in five German cities. Attendees will be able to meet the two companies’ teams and explore how they can profit from the cooperation.